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Friday, February 18, 2005

Survivor 10 in 99

Vito has volunteered to write weekly 99 word synopses of the new Survivor: Palau. For the premiere, CBS promised that "everything you know changes in the first 10 minutes", which was true. Unfortunately, by minute 43, everything was exactly the same as it always was. Anyway, here's Vito's first Survivor 10 in 99.

Starting out, the 20 tribe members row to Palau competing for immunity for the first man and woman on shore. Wanda starts singing, badly. Jolanda and Ian win and all 20 build a shelter. The group divides into two tribes of nine, Jonathan and (thankfully) Wanda are eliminated immediately. The two tribes, Koror and Ulong, live on the same beach. In the first immunity/reward challenge, Ulong loses when they try to carry too much reward though an obstacle course. Koror wins fire and immunity and while rowing to their new beach, capsizes and loses fire. Ulong eliminates Jolanda.

Vito's Survivor 10 in 99 airs every Friday.

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