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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Today's Tubeservations

Lost: Sure, the Kims' storyline is interesting, but they already had a backstory episode. I want to find out about the fat dude! When does Hurley get his turn? And why did WABC have to run a weather crawl over crucial subtitles in the opening scene? Moronic... Alias: Last night's episode had all the makings of back-to-basics Alias: Action, Rambaldi, and two baddies from the past. And the episode still bored me a little. I'm really starting to worry that this show has pole vaulted the shark... Law & Order: If Annie Parisse is only 28, I'm the starting centerfielder for the New York Mets... Promos: I actually resisted the car-wreck charms of the absurd plugs for Blind Justice this week, TiVoing right through them. But I was snared once again by a longer "Vampires!" promo for NBC's Third Watch. I guess I'm just a sucker.

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  • Wait a week and you'll be able to see Hurley's backstory next Wed. on Lost. TV guide has a synopsis box instead of the normal 1-2 liner synopsis. I'll tell you one thing...Hurley is a millionaire from winning the lottery and he has had lots of tragedies.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  

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