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Monday, February 28, 2005

Today's Tubeservations

It's all about the Oscars today: Chris Rock didn't light my world on fire, but he had his moments- Catwoman 2 and McFlurry gags are always funny. I kind of liked the various camera angles, presenting from the audience, the balconies, etc (Is this new or did they do it last year?) Sean Penn was his usual arrogant self- dude, the Jude Law thing was a joke, you humorless jackass. Also, Clint seemed to get older with every word of his acceptance speech. But the high point of the night: buttcrack on Hillary Swank! Did somebody show her that dress from behind? And ABC embarassed itself by subjecting its huge audience to promos for the hideously implausible Blind Justice. All in all, a mediocre night... as expected.

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