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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wednesday Tubeservations

NBC Promo: Vampires on Third Watch? Does that show pull in big numbers in the Undead 18-49 demo? Come to think of it, I don't know anyone with a pulse who tunes in... One Day At A Time Reunion: Valerie Bertinelli still looks good. Bonnie Franklin, not so much. Mackenzie Phillips falls somewhere in the middle. But that wacky Schneider still makes me swoon... CBS Promo: Wow- after 20 years, a new format for a 60 Minutes promo! Not shots in a grey rectangle, cutting to the stopwatch at the end- but a blue and white melange of graphics and video in little boxes. CBS- welcome to the 90's! Law & Order SVU: The current hott ADA and the former, in-witness-protection hott ADA join up in a decidedly unhott, smootchless episode. I thought this was sweeps? Where's the tonsil tickling? Couldn't Rohm make a few calls?

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