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Friday, February 04, 2005

Weekend Tube

Friday: Get warmed up for the best part of the big game: the ads! Check out The Greatest Commercials: Super Bowl vs. The World on CBS. Cult classic Office Space punches in over on Bravo. And there’s no shortage of great flicks on tonight: check out Fargo on Showtime, and Seabiscuit and The Cooler, both on HBO2.

Saturday: The SAG Awards are on TNT, but you don’t really want to watch that. You’d rather watch Old School (You’re my boy, blue!) for the 15th time on Cinemax . Afterwards, check out a brand new episode of the always fascinating Taxicab Confessions on HBO.

Sunday: Umm… I think there’s some football game on or something. With some cartoons on afterwards. Beforehand, NBC shows a 2 hour Poker Superstars Championship, and Animal Planet has a big game of its own: the Puppy Bowl, with baby canines battling on the gridiron. Woof!

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