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Friday, February 11, 2005

Weekend Tube

Friday: On The Disney Channel, Kathie Lee Gifford and her daughter Cassidy appear on That's So Raven, so be sure you don't accidentally hit it. We warned you. And better watch Medical Investigation while you can, now that Law & Order: Trial By Jury is on the way.

Saturday: Ol' Chuck once again tries to give the little red-haired girl a Dirty Sanchez on A Charlie Brown Valentine- will this be his year? And on the Hallmark Channel, the emaciated, disturbing looking Tori Spelling goes on The Family Plan, which we assume has something to do with group rate plastic surgery.

Sunday: Oh, sure- you could watch The Grammy Awards and settle for shaving a couple of points off your IQ. But why not dumb it down big time and check out Comedy Central's The Blue Collar Tour Strikes Again?

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