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Friday, February 18, 2005

Weekend Tube

Friday: NBC tries some more sweeps nonsense with a totally unnecessary Third Watch/Medical Investigation crossover. If you’re looking for an original TV movie, you’re in luck- it’s Ladies Night on USA. There’s also a Pixar showdown: Monsters Inc. on Disney, Monsters Inc. on Encore. And if you can stand him (I can’t), Bill Maher’s Real Time returns to HBO.

Saturday: See if you can spot a degenerate friend as Cops hits Vegas. And Law & Order: SVU is actually on two channels simultaneously at 10pm: NBC and USA. That’s a lot of clunk CLUNKs.

Sunday: Remember when Saturday Night Live was good? Me neither, but apparently, the first five years were pretty good. NBC will try to prove it to the world by airing a two hour special.

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