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Friday, March 04, 2005

99 Word Law Review: Law & Order: Trial By Jury

She's back from the dead, and ready to party. Well, at least, she's ready to analyze the latest Law & Order spinoff from a legal perspective. Dawn Summers, Attorney-At-Law, returns with her 99 Word Law Review.

If Lennie can come back from the dead for the premiere episode of Law & Order:TBJ, I can interrupt my Winter hibernation to write a review. After seeing Dick Wolf’s vision of defense law, it’s no wonder he focuses on the prosecution. Lascher’s attorney knew that he killed and dumped the victim. Therefore, she could not suggest that someone else did it or that the girl was alive. Lawyers can’t knowingly perpetrate a fraud in court. That’s why defense lawyers never want to know if their clients are guilty or not. It’s the original, don’t ask, don’t tell rule.

2 other geekspeak:

  • "Lawyers can't knowingly perpetrate a fraud in court."

    And we all know how scrupulously honest lawyers are.

    By Blogger LargeBill, at 7:07 PM  

  • Knowing his client was guilty didn't stop Steven Feldman for throwing around false accusations in the David Westerfield trial.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:44 PM  

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