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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

99 Word Review: Blind Justice

I wondered if ABC's Blind Justice could be as bad as the promos made it look. Guess what? It was!

First of all, it’s loaded with overly shaky camerawork (sooo 1989). Ron Eldard gives the feeble material his all, but we’ve seen these clichéd characters before- doubting partner, fretty wife. And advice for Rena Sofer (Coupling), a.k.a. the new Ted McGinley: get a new agent.

Oh, and the scene where the blind cop points a gun at a perp, somehow cornering him? Completely absurd- and a prime example why I can’t see a future for the visionless Blind Justice.

Blind Justice airs Tuesday nightts at 10 on ABC.

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