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Friday, March 04, 2005


It's time for the premiere of another 99 word recap. This time, it's forensic freakoid Pusher doing the synopsizing. Here's CSI:99.

Ecklie puts Sofia in charge of a Supervisory Inquiry of Grissom. He's concerned Grissom's team screwed up a murder investigation 5 years earlier; which isn't hard to believe since, you know, Warrick's obviously a gambling addict, Sara's a drunk, Catherine accepts checks from murdering fathers and Nick's just a do-gooder. OK, so Catherine's is true.

Our heroes prevail when a fingerprint that failed to reveal until the appeals trial is linked to the defendant's son. Nevertheless, Eckie splits up the team, proving the Kick Ass Brass line of the week, "When it comes to politics, he whips your ass."

Pusher's CSI:99 appears every Friday.

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