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Monday, March 28, 2005

Desperate For 99 Words: 3/27/05

Here's the premiere edition of TVGS's newest feature (our 99 word Desperate Housewives recap) by our newest Geek (Mixer).

This week in the land of the rampant running MILF, neighborhood hooah Maisy Gibbons is arrested. Her little black book with Rex’s name leaks out, leading to WASPY stares at the country club. Raw sewage pays a visit to Gabrielle and Carlos’ house, and they can’t afford a plumber. Ghetto-like antics ensue. Lynette’s kids are blamed for a lice outbreak, Felicia chides Paul about his wife’s past, and Susan and Edie break into Paul’s house to see if he’s a murderer. Mike wants Susan back, but she’s still distraught over his crime riddled past. They suck face anyway. Harlot!

Desperate for 99 Words airs every Monday.

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