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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Friday Reverse "Eff Off!": Ellen

This week, Uncle Buster is using his 99 word "Eff Off!" to compliment a show he'd normally never, ever watch. How nice of him.

I do watch some shows, and like a few of them.

Normally, I don’t watch Ellen. But, I happened to tune in recently when she had 10 year old David Dingman-Grover on. He is a Virginia boy who named his brain tumor “Frank” and sold items on the internet with the slogan “Frank Must Die” to raise money for surgery.

He’s now cancer-free, and his favorite band is KISS. The 4 original members (who don’t exactly get along) appeared for David, in complete costume and makeup with a schload of autographed memorabilia.

On any show, that’s pretty damn cool.

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