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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Geek Files: Stealing From Steele?

Pusher is back and she's geekier than ever. Here's her latest Geek Files.

A few years I caught an episode of Diagnosis Murder (Yes, Diagnosis Murder. Shut up.) entitled "Death in the Daytime." Amanda won a guest role on The Young and the Restless - an inside joke for anyone who knew that Cynthia Gibb also starred on Y&R. While on the set, Amanda mistakenly opens a door and intrudes upon an embracing couple.

This is when I flashback to something I saw a decade before. Didn't this exact thing happen to Remington Steele when he was presenting an award to Lloyd Nolan in the episode "Cast in Steele"? Yes. Yes it did. The RS episode also guest starred Dorothy Lamour and Virginia Mayo. Steele and Laura Holt assume that a killer is targeting the stars of the award show but it turns out that the killer is after Steele. The reason? He walked in on the killer holding up (read: embracing) his earlier victim. And now Amanda has just walked in on the same situation!

Who could so blatantly rip off an entire plot, I wondered. This was insane. This DM episode had complete dialogue lifted from RS! How could no one else notice but me? OK - so there is nobody else who would notice.

I researched this on the web and found nothing. It wasn't until I received copies of both episodes that I finally found my answer. Upon my fifth reading of the credits, one name repeated - Michael Gleason. He was the Executive Producer for both shows! He actually stole his own idea from 11 years earlier! And got away with it.

I'm going to start my own TV Geek crime-solving business. How's Remington Murder? Or Diagnosis Steele?

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  • Hi Pusher, As usual, I am very impressed with your observations. Jenn linked me to your article. You are so much like her. Her and Sex and the City and you with Steele. Imagine a person who can get 95% of the Sex and the City game questions right about the show and can almost quote every intimate dialog line from any show. She actually corrected a few questions that had answers in error. So amazing runs in the family. But then again, I may be tipping my cap and revealing who I am with this info. I still feel a little old because I go back to shows like Peter Gunn, The Detectives, and the Untouchables. Remember the male leads in those shows? Answer- Craig Stevens, Robert Taylor, and Robert Stack. But my all-time favorite show was The Fugitive with David Janssen. The movie was good but I like the original. I actually am more into theme songs for old shows in a trivia sort of way. If we ever get together, I'd love to share some songs for trivia challenges. Til then, keep up the great work and I promise to hum the tunes in your good ear! lol Take care. JCM

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:10 PM  

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