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Monday, March 28, 2005

The Geek Files: Take The X Train

This week, Pusher shares one of her adventures in time shifting (why doesn't she just get a TiVo?).

As I returned home last night on a 9:06 train I realized that for a 9 year period, I never took this train. Why? I had to be home to watch The X-Files. If I couldn't make the 7:30pm train, I just crashed at my parents and went straight to work the next morning.

Then there was "The Great Boston Bus Incident" of May 2000. The season 7 finale was on that night and I took the 4pm bus home from visiting my sister in Boston. It was always scheduled to get it to the station at 8:30pm but was perpetually early. I never walked through my front door later than 8:40pm. PLENTY of time to catch the opening tease of the show.

This day in May of 2000 was going just as smoothly until the driver made one fateful turn. My thoughts went something like this:

8:00 on Ninth Avenue? You fool! The Ninth Avenue Food Festival was this weekend. They'll still be cleaning up. The police won't have the barriers down yet. We can't get through. The X-Files starts in ONE hour. Are you insane?!

8:05 OK - it's just a little after 8 o'clock. We can still get in on time and I should make it home by 8:50.

8:20 I can't believe we've been sitting here for 20 minutes and have not moved an inch. I can't believe that I have the VHS I tape all of my XF episodes on in my bag and not in my VCR! I am a MORON. I'm going to miss the one where Mulder gets abducted and Scully reveals that she's pregnant! Arghhhh! (Yes I was spoiled.)

8:30 Holy Mary mother of god, we're moving. We're actually moving.

8:32 Fuck. We've stopped.

8:33 Stupid red light... Green! Thank you! Go, go, go!

8:45 I never thought I could kiss the floor of Port Authority. (I would have too- if it wouldn't have used up even more precious time.) I will never make it home in 15 minutes. It's impossible. Why don't I carry cab fare? Why? Why?

8:46 Bless you "A" Train. You're here and you're an express. Keeping my fingers crossed will make my connecting subway train wait in the next station for me.

8:49 Yes! No! You're not my local train. Screw it. I have to keep moving. I'll take this express and have a longer walk. Must. Keep. Moving.

8:52 Dude, that was fast. Now to turn my normal 20 minute leisurely walk into a 6 minute sprint carrying a 20 lb backpack.

8:53 Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.

8:55 Look left to see if the bus is coming down the street to save me.

8:55:05 Fuck.

8:55:10 Run. Run. Run. Run.

8:57 Run. Run. Run while finding key. Run.

8:58 Open front door and thank the gods above that the elevator is actually working.

8:58:05 Wipe sweat. Find VHS.

8:58:45 Freaking ancient, slow elevator! Open!

8:59 Burst open the door, run to my TV, pop in the VHS, cue it up...

9:00 Hit record.

9:01 I seriously rock!

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