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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Get Lost!: 3/30/05

Here's some ruminations about last night's episode.

So, all of a sudden Locke's legs aren't working all the time, and he's a prophet and seer, and (probably not) an immaculately conceived baby. Is Boone in love with Locke now instead of sinfully loving his sister? Locke says jump and Boone says how high? When will blumpkins follow?

Another neat Locke backstory that leaves us hanging. So Locke worked at some version of "Wal-Mart" before the box company. Well, for $16.88 or something similar, the Lost Season One DVD will be on sale there this September. I'll be plopping down my hard earned cash... Smiley Faces be damned. Swoozie Kurtz joins the wacky "flashback guest star" cast of Lost as Locke's mom. Locke gets duped by his "dad." The elaborate deception didn't make much sense.... why couldn't his dad just be straight up about what he needed?

Still no concrete explanation about how Locke lost use of his legs originally, nor any explanation about how he could carry Boone back to camp or have prophetic dreams. But, nice goofy hair in the flashbacks. Almost inspired me to get out my #2 clippers.

Sawyer's wearing Ashleigh Banfield Glasses now. I guess that means it's almost time for his career to go downhill inexplicably quickly...

1 other geekspeak:

  • Swoosie Kurtz wasn't the only wacky flashback guest-star on last night's episode. Kevin Tighe, who played Locke's rich, kidney-stealin' maybe-maybenot father, Cooper, is most famous for playing Roy DeSoto (and Abbott to Randolph Mantooth's Costello) in the cheesy 70's classic, Emergency!

    By Anonymous Rob, at 1:21 PM  

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