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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Get Lost!

JoeVideo writes the premiere episode of his new weekly feature, casting a somewhat critical eye on his favorite desert island drama Lost.

Wow. Poor Hurley! This guy has no luck. If he was worth $160 million, what was he doing on a commercial flight from Australia... Did his bad luck cause the crash? Did the dog? Did Walt? What's with the unlucky numbers being everywhere, even on the mystery hatch? And what was with Locke and Clair? Just being nice or... maybe angling to be a father figure to the baby? Oh, and we're to believe that Hurley can cross a rickety rope bridge, but Charlie breaks it with his "substantial" weight. It's always cool to see the insane French Women with her rifle aimed at someone.

I'm beginning to ask myself, what's so special about Australia that all of these people just happened to be heading there under almost X-Files pretenses?

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