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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Headline News: We're Number Three!

CNN Headline News recently hired Nancy Grace to anchor its new prime-time lineup and boost ratings... and it's working. Very well, in fact: CNN's sister network has supplanted MSNBC as the third-place cable news channel.

And it's not just in primetime: for the full day, CNN Headline News beat MSNBC for the first three months of the year.

1 other geekspeak:

  • My ways to change MSNBC:

    1. MSNBC should re-establish itself as a competitor to Headline News, instead of competing with CNN and FNC. I watch Headline News a lot more than the other news channels, because I can see a few headlines and stories, then switch to another channel. Sure there's Bloomberg, but it's primarily business and has very limited distribution.

    2. MSNBC should regularly schedule local newscasts from around the country. In New York, I'm curious to see a 6PM newscast from Los Angeles or Chicago or even WPTZ in Plattsburgh. Maybe schedule one or two markets a day from an NBC O&O, and they can sell their own national advertising.

    3. Rudi Bahktiar. Headline News hasn't been the same since she stopped doing the overnight news by herself. I saw her on CNN proper the other day and looked out of place. She should be the STAR of my new MSNBC.

    4. Forget the talk shows, and stick to bringing us the news! The talk shows might work for Fox, but it doesn't help with what MSNBC originally was founded on: a cable outlet for NBC News. They overused recycled Today and Dateline segments, and don't provide anything that's so different. NBC Nightly News has been #1 for years, and while the other 2 networks don't have a cable news outlet (ABC News Now doesn't count just yet) and they need to transfer that success to the cable side.

    5. Finally, dump the MS part of it, like there have been talks about it recently, just as long as the new identity isn't bland like ShopNBC or NBC News Channel.

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