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Monday, March 07, 2005

Jury Is Still Out On New Law & Order

Law & Order: Trial By Jury got off to a respectable start last week in the ratings.

The Thursday premiere won its time slot and actually outperformed ER's new episode season average. The Friday follow-up, which featured Jerry Orbach's very sad final scene (you could tell he was NOT well), won its time slot with solid numbers, beating the rerun of CSI that CBS hoped would blunt TBJ's ratings impact. It'll be interesting to see how it does this week against the uneven Numb3rs.

So far, I've actually enjoyed this incarnation of L&O immensely. It's a neat twist on the original premise, and Bebe Neuwirth is excellent in her new role. However, Amy Carlson seems fairly superfluous through the first two episodes. And the excellent Fred Dalton Thompson seems to get even more screen time here than on the L&O mothership.

Just one geek's opinion.

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