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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Static From The Geek-In-Chief: Blind Development

Last night, ABC premiered Blind Justice, a drama about a gun-toting cop who just happens to be blind (See Tuesday's TVGeekSpeak Web Whiparound for reviews). Apparently, networks are so desperate for ideas that logical premises are no longer required.

So since the old rules of show development no longer apply, I'd like to propose a few ideas (it is pilot season, after all). Watch for them on a major network this fall!

On Deaf Ears: A hearing impaired, classically trained pianist takes a job teaching a rag-tag group of music protégés about life, while honing their natural talents.

Silent Argument: The heartwarming story of a fully mute debate team and their quest for a championship.

Leprous Ladies, LTD: Inside a high class, high priced escort service, where customers may get more than a good time.

Evil Legals: A group of failed law students falsify their bar results to open a firm specializing in defending low income, high-need clients. They never win, but their hearts are in the right place.

Pit Bulls For PETA: Animated series featuring vicious but socially conscious pit bulls who must balance their animal rights agenda with their need to tear apart every living thing in their path.

AC/DC NASCAR: An inside look at Dale Hartrider, the bisexual driver of NASCAR's first electric vehicle, and his struggle for acceptance, on and off the track.

Anchors: Behind the scenes at a local newscast, where actual reporting and investigating is stressed over house fires, weather, and panic-inducing sweeps stories

STD Swap: Two infected "playaz" taint each other with a hideously contagious social disease. Contestii must guess what they got to win valuable prizes.

The Tasteless Chef: Gourmet cooking with the world's only tongueless cook.

Nazi Moyle: A new reality show. Self explanatory. Watch the hijinx!

And finally…

Lost: A plane filled with only the most beautiful people on earth crash-lands on a mysterious island, where... hmm. Never mind.

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