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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! Week Six

99 word synopsis: Without Angie, Ulong was left with four members and zero personality. James berated Ibrahem for his pitiful performance in the immunity challenge. In a nail biter reward, Ulong, lead by Stephanie, won when they used a cannon to destroy eight tiles bearing the Koror name. Finally, after winning a challenge, Ulong was rejuvenated and made a new commitment to each other and the game. Which lasted for about a day. After losing an unprecedented sixth straight immunity challenge, another tie vote caused Stephanie and Bobby-Jon to choose between James and Ibrahem. They sent James back to his redneck past.

If I had a vote: The choice between James and Ibrahem was a tough one. Do you vote out the annoying, slightly racist, cocky-for-no-reason James, or the incredibly-fit-but-somehow-ineffective-at-challenges Ibrahem? I was sorry James went before it became obvious to his team that he's actually a complete jackass.

My favorite so far: Stephanie's a fighter and has managed to persevere despite all the losing. If she makes it to the merge and wins some personal immunities, she could be trouble.

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