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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tragic Contender Hits The Ring Sunday

Najai "Nitro" Turpin, the boxer/Contender contestant who killed himself last month before the series' debut, will be a major focus of this week's episode.

Without appearing morbid, you know NBC is hoping to catch some ratings heat from the backstory. So far, The Contender has been a ratings disappointment, finishing fourth in its time slot this past Sunday.

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  • My main question is why suicide? A talented fighter, 23 yrs old shoots himself in the head because "life" at that particular time was too much to bear? We've all been faced with troulbe times in our lives and none of us has left the land of the living.Yes,he lived a hard life, but what if he had decieded to think about his problem before he pulled the trigger? then Anye would still have her father, and his siblings will still have their brother. Life is too precious to want to cut it short and it wasn't like he had absolutely NOTHING to live for....it's like he only thought about that day, that problem...not his daughter or their future. If he just would have thought about it, just once, just for a minute, then he would've found a better solution to his dillema.

    By Blogger Nesha, at 12:04 PM  

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