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Monday, March 07, 2005

Web Whiparound: The Contender Steps Into The Ring

The Contender is... well, a contender.

So sayeth the critics who reviewed the new Burnett-Stallone-Leonard reality competition, which premieres tonight on NBC. While it was critcized by some for being portraying the boxers as too sanitized and generic, it seems compelling enough to draw an audience.

See for yourself:
NY Times (free registration required): Contender 'engrossing'
Philadelphia Daily News (free registration required): Contender 'Emotional, uplifting'
USA Today: 'Reality show with a hook'
NY daily News: Contender 'Packs a punch'
NY Post: Contender 'less than meets the eye'
Boston Globe: Contender 'Throws plenty of hooks'
Chicago Tribune: Contender 'a generic knockoff'
Washington Post: Contender 'Junior lightweight'

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