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Monday, March 07, 2005

Web Whiparound: Critics Chow Down On Fat Actress

It seems fat... is funny.

Critics in this morning's papers are gorging on Fat Actress- and, generally, it seems like many of them would go back for seconds. Some, however, criticize the crude nature of the comedy.

Slap on the ol' feedbag and read for yourself:
Philadelphia Inquirer (free registration required): 'Broad comedy'
NY Times (free registration required): 'Hefty Star Tips the Scales in Favor of Comedy'
Washington Post: 'Jolly-Unsaturated'
NY Post: 'Worth the weight'
Boston Globe: "Enjoyably over the top'
Boston Herald: 'Large on laughs'
Seattle PI: Alley 'living large'
USA Today: Alley 'laps up big laughs'
Chicago Tribune: 'Not groundbreaking, just gross'
Chicago Sun Times: 'Fat Actress adds up to a lot of dead weight'

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