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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Web Whiparound: Mackey's Back on the Beat

The Shield is back- and the press is foaming at the mouth.

The critics have always loved this electric, often absurd FX drama, and the addition of Glenn Close is sending them out cheering into the streets. She should add richly to the well acted ensemble, but it remains to be seen what she'll do with the often unbelievable material she'll be forced to work with.

Still, I dig this show, warts and all, and can't wait to check out tonight's premiere (update: my cable company STILL doesn't carry FX, so I've made alternate arrangements).

NY Times (free signup required): A Changing of the Guard at the Barn
Boston Globe: Close seems out of place on the streets
Washington Post: Don't mess with Glenn Close in her new role
Philadelphia Inquirer: Glenn Close's cable attraction
Seattle PI: Opposites are magnetic as Glenn Close joins The Shield
Chicago Sun Times: Close tough, tight and cold enough to frost glass
NY Daily News: ★★★½
NY Post: Shield's slow start?
USA Today: Glenn Close shakes up Shield
Boston Herald: Close gives a terrifically sly, understated performance

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