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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Web Whiparound: Shatner's Invasion

Tonight, the producers of Joe Schmo bless us with another faux reality show, and this one stars the perfect man for the job: William Shatner, playing an over-the-top Hollywood actor (a stretch!) who allows a small town to help him make a low budget sci-fi movie.

The reviews are pretty good. In our eyes, if it's even close to the level of Schmo, this five-hour miniseries can't fail.

NY Daily News: Oddly endearing and entertaining television
Philadelphia Inquirer: Shatner still can't act
NY Times: Shatner hams it up
NY Post: Shatner gets big laughs
Boston Herald: Bottom line: It's funny
Boston Globe: Invasion more uncomfortable than not
USA Today: Reality invades Riverside, Iowa

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