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Friday, March 18, 2005

Web Whiparound: Spring Break Shark Attack: So Bad, It's Bad

We here at TVGeekSpeak.com love a good shark movie more than anyone. Too bad, in history, there's really only been one of them. And judging by the reviews for Sunday's Spring Break Shark Attack on CBS, that tally stands.

But it'll sure be hard to resist the alluring combo of big-toothed, fake sharks and big-breasted, nubile co-eds. Come to think of it, this flick is sounding better and better. God Bless the Tiffany Network!

NY Post: Big plastic sharks coming to a screen near you
USA Today: What not to watch this weekend
Shark Attack: Sinking fast (registration required)
Hollywood Reporter: Mindless, empty-headed, lots of fun and going nowhere fast
Kansas City Star: When cheesy TV movies attack!
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Cheesy CBS film will have viewers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Shark Attack cheesy bait to lure viewers

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