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Friday, March 11, 2005

Weekend Tube

Friday: On NBC, Law & Order: Trial By Jury airs its first Orbach-free episode. A&E plays the skating card with Stars on Ice. And of course, the sci-fi geeks can watch the sooo 2004 Enterprise on UPN or the flavor-of-the-month Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi.

Saturday: Is it man? Is it mosquito? No! It's Mansquito! And it's on SciFi! If walking, disgusting half-bugs ain't your bag, stock up on Off and check out a new MI-5 on A&E. But don't go to bed without catching the only reality show on TV worth watching: season three of Showtime's filthy, funny Family Business returns.

Sunday: On ABC, two back-to-back chances to sample the new John Stamos comedy Jake In Progress. After two previews, NBC's The Contender finally settles into its regular 8pm time slot. And on A&E, there's gonna be an Intervention.

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