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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow: Week Eight

Welcome to this week's Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow... the only place on the 'net for J-Gar's weekly Alias wig count.

Episode 4 x 09: "A Man of His Word"

Sark and Anna Espinosa are still hanging around to create their own special brand of mishcief, anarchy, and near murder. But did Syd wig out? YES! In a homage to Vaughn's evil, dead ex-wife lauren, Sydney dons a wavy blonde wig (pictured) and OmniAccent to complete her most convincing impersonation. Very nice.

Coming up: the promo showed at least one wig-looking do for next week... stay tuned!

"A Man of His Word" total: 1 wig

Season total:
8 wigs

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