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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow: Week Nine

Welcome to this week's Wiggin' Out! with Sydney Bristow... the only internet tally of J-Gar's Alias wigs.

Episode 4 x 10: "The Index"

In this episode, which may finally be starting some sort of continuing storyline (I hope- standalones are not working for this show), Syd did have one wild Parisian hairstyle (as teased in the promo), but it was NOT, in fact, a wig. Dammit. Can't even count on the wigs on this show anymore to keep this show interesting.

"The Index" total: 0 wigs

Season total:
8 wigs

Click here to check out Dawn Summers' special Alias travel analysis of this week's episode.

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