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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Geek Files: Spenser For Hire

As I put away my winter coats I long for the days of Spenser: For Hire. What's the connection? Winter coats.

Robert Urich was practically a fashion model for his outerwear during his three years on the show. Nobody could wear a leather bomber jacket or a black pea coat like Spenser. Don't get me wrong. Hawk was hot in his long, tan leather coat too. But in 65 episodes, Spenser easily had 65 of the coolest jackets found in the mid-'80s.

It was a massive source of pride when I was compared to Spenser the winter I owned a teal LL Bean ski jacket, a black leather button down coat, a brown pea coat, a light blue denim jacket, a heavy green parka, and a Mets satin jacket. Maybe next winter I'll bring some of these photos with me as I shop for new winter coats.

Pusher's The Geek Files airs every Monday.

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