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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Get Lost! 4/6/05

Well, what to say! (SPOILERS FOLLOW) What a tease. ABC gives us this great new episode and head back to reruns next week... ugh!

So, Jack was married before the crash. And to Julie Bowen! (Jealous, Ed?) Yet another celebrity flashback guest star.

This episode should have been titled "Dr. Jack freaks out." All of a sudden the island has become ER and Kate has become Nurse Hathaway. Babies being born, legs being (nearly) severed, and blood being transfused (via porcupine).

I am quite surprised that Boone is headed for a dirt nap. I will deeply miss the nearly-incestuous taboo love scenes with him and Shannon. I was hoping to see a showdown between Boone and Sayid, with Sayid going all "medieval" on Boone's ass.

Where the hell is Locke? Is he inside the hatch? We'll have to wait to find out....

Claire's baby is gorgeous, and didn't sprout 2 heads as we expected. Where will the castaways shop for baby clothes?

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