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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sportztyme!: The Boys Of Summer

The greatest time of year is upon us again.

For those under the age of 8, December first usually signals the start of the Christmas season, and hopes of St. Nicholas loading up the family tree with all forms of wrapped dreams.

For those who plan their lives around the TV Guide, September holds the promise of new programming, both comedic and dramatic, except folks who watch the Sopranos, and have no idea when the next new episode might be finally ready for viewing. Who produces that show, Paul Masson?

For baseball fans, the first Monday in April almost always means the national pastime has returned to the diamonds and the DiamondVisions. I can't think of too many things that beat flipping to ESPN at 1pm on a run-of-the-mill Wednesday to see the Red Sox and Yankees meet for the umpteenth time. Even a game like Kansas City and Detroit, the have-nots and the got-nothings of the MLB can hold fans in rapt attention.

Thanks to the pervasiveness of today's cable, one can watch games from now until Braden Looper actually saves a game. It's the perfect antidote to reruns of CSI: Fort Wayne and Law and Order: Canine Retrieval Unit. You can theoretically watch for 12 hours, uninterrupted on a good day with a few extra innings thrown in. I haven't been this entertained since M*A*S*H was on 6 times a day.

It's a signal of spring's true arrival. A hint of the warm summer days and nights to come. The eternal hope of seeing every team with the same record and, mathematically, the same chance of winning it all. Well, everyone except the Cubs.

Watch all you can. Just turn the sound down if you're watching the White Sox. Those clowns will make you want to take a Randy Johnson fastball right off the mind.

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