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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Static From The Geek-In-Chief: Just Askin'

Riddle me this:

With the incessant tabloid coverage of Britney Spears' life, what more could we possibly learn from a reality show? Except maybe how many Ho-Hos she eats in an average day?

Is it possible that Al Gore's new TV channel will be even more painfully boring than he is?

Which is more likely: Bob Schieffer keeps his interim anchor job, Enterprise gets renewed, or Frank Perdue returns from the dead? (I score it a three way tie.)

Will I ever be able to stop comparing the American version of The Office to the (far superior) BBC original?

As a rule, I hate reality shows, but does TV get any better than Project Greenlight?

Now that the public has clearly said "Enough!" will ABC finally divorce themselves from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette?

Screw the voice controlled remote control- when can I just get a chip implanted in my brain?

The wait has been excruciating- does anbody know when Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back?

Will the amazing show development of FX all off the cliff with Peter Liguori moving upstairs to Fox?

Is anyone still watching Fat Actress? In fact, has anyone ever seen it at all?

Will we get suspicious when that Balki guy, who's shaking up with Jose Canseco, leaves the next season of The Surreal Life leaves the house ripped and musclebound? And will Jose write another tell-all book about it?

With Bobcat Goldthwait directing Jimmy Kimmel Live, how long until that annoying sound effects guy starts calling the shots on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson?

Since we weren't invested in his character nearly as much as Dennis Haysbert's, was it really that big a deal to shoot down the President's plane on 24?

Why have I not watched the brilliant MI-5 until now? And would someone send tapes of this show to J.J. Abrams to remind him how spy shows are supposed to be made?

And while I'm on Alias , now that it's been officially renewed for a fifth season, can they maybe write a storyline that's even slightly compelling?

Can anyone blame Ted Turner for cheating on Jane Fonda? And would anyone have blamed Jane for doing the same to Ted?

Evel Knievel's son gets his own reality show? Who's next, Super Dave Osbourne's third cousin?

What 'ship will our own Pusher root for now that CBS has discharged JAG?

And finally... when Pat O'Brien returns to The Insider, will it be slapped with a TV-MA rating?

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