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Friday, April 01, 2005

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! Week Seven

99 Word Recap: Last week Ulong eliminated redneck James. Koror enjoyed two feasts when Ian found a giant clam and Tom killed a shark with a machete. In the reward challenge, each tribe had to make a signal that could be seen from the air. Despite a good effort, Ulong lost again. As reward, Koror won food they were too full to eat. Gregg and Jen kept their secret alliance and public romance alive, concerning Tom. In an immunity challenge that required smarts to solve a puzzle, Ulong lost again. Bobby-Jon and Stephanie voted out Ibrahem and became a tribe of two.

If I had a vote: This is pathetic. This tribe has lost every immunity challenge, going from nine members to two. Ibrahem deserved to go more than Stephanie or Bobby-Jon. In the challenges, no matter how far behind, they give it their all.

My favorite so far: I love Tom and Ian, I just hope they start playing the game more instead of just having a good time. If not, they may get blindsided. Despite the odds, I'm still pulling for Stephanie; she's tough and never gives up.

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