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Friday, April 22, 2005

Survivor 10 in 99- Plus! Week Ten

99 word recap: Janu was upset that Coby was gone and freaked out on Katie. Tom, Gregg, Caryn and Janu won a reward of a feast in a Palauan village. In the immunity challenge, the survivors had to stay under a grate as the tide slowly submerged them. Because Janu was the first to give up, she was sent to an isolated island alone for the night. Tom won immunity. Janu felt fulfilled after her night alone. Gregg convinced everyone to vote out Stephenie instead of Janu. At tribal council, Janu decided to quit after Stephenie made a passionate plea to continue.

If I had a vote: It was the smart move to try to eliminate Stephenie, but Janu helped her survive another day. I probably would have stuck by Stephenie and voted for Janu.

My favorite so far: I was disappointed that Tom and Ian went along with the plan to vote out Stephenie. She's still my favorite and I'm glad she's still around. The snake in the grass is Gregg. I hope someone moves against him soon.

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