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Monday, May 16, 2005

Arrested: Renewed? More Upfront Rumors

It's official: Fox has renewed Arrested Development for another year (subscription required to read link).

Woo-HOO! Hopefully they'll move it off Sunday nights and give it a real chance.

In other rumblings, Fox will also apparently renew The Bernie Mac Show and Stacked while axing Quintuplets and Life on a Stick

Rumors at ABC say they've renewed The Bachelor, Wife Swap, Rodney, Supernanny, George Lopez, Hope & Faith, Jake In Progress, and Less Than Perfect while shitcanning 8 Simple Rules and My Wife and Kids.

The WB's Jack & Bobby will drown after one low-rated season, while Living With Fran will survive.

Stay tuned for more upfront dish all week here at TVGeekSpeak.com.

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