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Friday, May 20, 2005

CSI:99 5/19/05

Here's our double-99 word recap of last night's two part, tarantino-helmed CSI season finale.

While processing a body-part drop, Nick is CSI-napped.

Sara finds an evidence-bagged coffee cup from another crime. Warrick screens traffic video for a truck that left a rain void.

A jump drive messengered to the lab provides a webcam of poor Nicky buried alive. Nobody realizes when they refresh the video Nick gets light but loses air.

The kidnapper wants $1 million. Catherine hits up Daddy Braun. Grissom makes the drop. But the kidnapper promptly blows himself up with the cash.

Stunned, the team examines the new crime scene. Something's buried. It's only a dog but the coffin is sent to the lab.

Fingerprinting IDs the kidnapper as the father of an incarcerated female murderer. (DNA on a coffee cup put her away.)

Suffocating when the light's on, Nick shoots it out but the plexiglass cracks letting in millions of fire ants. Grissom pinpoints swarms of this ant-type to plant nurseries. Sara knows the exact location - the kidnapper's daughter studied botany!

The webcam transmitter signal locates Nick. Hodges calls in that the dog's coffin had explosives underneath. To save Nick, dirt is dumped in to equalize the pressure long enough to yank him before the big boom.

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