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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Get Lost! "Born To Run" 5/12/05

This episode only made things more confusing, after a week of finally getting more answers than questions. Michael gets very sick while working on the raft. He's been poisoned, but by whom?

Kate, upon Charlie's suggestion that they will all be "Rich and Famous" once rescued, is determined to get on the raft and off the island... no matter what the cost to others. We learn a little more about her backstory; a visit to her hometown in Iowa; reconnecting with her boyfriend Tom, who ends up dead as she evades capture while visiting her dying mother in the hospital; a sense that she's always on the run.

Meanwhile, secrets are let out on the island- Locke tells Jack about the hatch, and everyone finds out that Kate was the fugitive on the plane. Walt warns Locke not to open the hatch (what is the deal with this kid?). Locke and Jack also seem to make peace, at least for now.

We also meet a "new" character, Dr. Arzt, a science teacher who warns Michael and Jin that they need to sail the raft right away to catch the northward-bound Trade Winds. Walt admits to Michael that he burned the first raft, and that they NEED to get off the island.

What's looming? Next week, the Frenchwomen returns to warn about "The Others." I guess she has a problem with Nicole Kidman films.

JoeVideo writes Get Lost! every Thursday before ritualistically re-watching "Dead Calm."

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