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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Upfront Odds: The ABC New Offerings

Show: Commander-in-Chief, Tuesdays at 9:00
Description: Academy Award®-winner Geena Davis stars as the first female President of the United States.
Analysis: Movie Star. Big Concept (although Patty Duke already played a female president on ABC in 1986, but who’s counting). No juggernaut time-slot competition. Could be a hit, unless it sucks.
Odds of lasting a full season: Even money
Over/under for number of episodes: 22 (full order)

Show: Freddie Wednesday at 8:30
Description: Freddie, a young, successful chef with his own restaurant, a stylish bachelor pad and a trust fund baby for a best friend, learns to cope with life while trying to enjoy his swinging single days.
Analysis: Mr. Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka Freddie Prinze Jr., tries to make a go of it with production vets from Drew Carey and George Lopez backing him up. Currently a wide open time slot.
Odds of lasting a full season: 2-1
Over/under for number of episodes: 17.5

Show: Hot Properties, Fridays at 9:30
Description: In the tradition of Designing Women, Golden Girls and Sex and the City comes an uninhibited comedy with real career women from a Manhattan real estate office trying to have real relationships.
Analysis: The press release mentions both Designing Women and Sex and the City. Ecch. Buried on Fridays after Hope and Faith, there’s little… well… hope.
Odds of lasting a full season: 4-1
Over/under for number of episodes: 9

Show: Invasion, Wednesdays at 10
Description: What if aliens were already here and, like, totally living among us? What then?
Analysis: In a tough time slot, Invasion will be fighting for scraps against CSI:NY and Law & Order. Still, it could benefit from a very strong Lost lead in.
Odds of lasting a full season: 2-1
Over/under for number of episodes: 13

Show: The Night Stalker , Thursdays at 9
Description: One officer’s determination to solve his wife's mysterious murder leads him to investigate other supernatural crimes.
Analysis: Against CSI and The Apprentice, with a likely weak lead-in from Alias, this one will go bump in the night- right off the schedule.
Odds of lasting a full season: 7-1
Over/under for number of episodes: 7

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