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Monday, June 06, 2005

The 4400 in 44: Wake Up Call (Parts 1 and 2)

Today at TVGS, we're debuting our newest feature: a weekly, 44-word recap of USA's hit The 4400 written by JoeVideo (apparently, stringing together our standard 99 words has become too difficult for him). Here's the first double episode edition of The 4400 in 44.

Tom is reinstated, thanks to Diana. Marco and his fellow lone-gunmen are introduced. Shawn cures everyone, including Collier (repeatedly), still hurting from touching Lily last year. Richard and Lily are on the run. Baby Isabelle communicates with Lily and has crazy-ass powers! Maia is adopted by Diana. Tom and Kyle (out of containment finally) bond as father and son. DHS is now NTAC on this show. Collier's 4400 book is published, claiming that EVERYONE has special abilities. Shawn suspects Collier's intentions. Schizo-girl builds crazy device that cures nutcase-turned-neuroscience-professor.

The 4400 in 44 airs every Monday on TVGeekSpeak.com.

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