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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

99 Words Under: A Coat of White Primer

Get that therapist on speed dial: here's our 99 word recap of this week's Six Feet Under.

Claire considers shacking up with sister-lovin' Billy, even though he's bonkers. Baby craving David and Keith debate surrogate vs adoption. Federico dates because Vanessa won't take him back. Mopey, miscarrying Brenda finally marries Nate, while vaginally bleeding like a stuck pig. Afterwards, Ruth slaps snap-happy Claire for photographing drooly, spilly, certifiable George. Dead Lisa lectures Brenda while she pops pills, whines, and cries. The semi-happy couple dances while a seagull eats wedding cake and all the other cast members brood. Brenda has a DNC, Nate cries, and the screen fades to white as each viewer prepares their own noose.

The Geek-in-Chief writes 99 Words Under every Tuesday while figuring out how to deal with the depression that comes from watching TV's biggest downer.

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