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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

99 Words Under: "Time Flies"

Here's this week's 99 word recap of Six Feet Under.

Brenda tells Nate she’s preggers but is pissed by his reaction. David and Keith hire their nutty surrogate. Later, David nearly boinks a hairdresser, but listens to his conscience. Federico and Vanessa screw after a family dinner. At Nate’s 40th birthday party, he reveals the pregnancy, infuriating Brenda. Unmedicated Billy describes a ripped open ball sack. Ruth says a few touching words and yells at Claire. Drunken, angry Nate kills a bird in the kitchen. George confronts Ruth about her distaste for his insanity. Claire boinks a divorcee, causing Billy to get unbelievably freaky. Will the fun ever end?

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