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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bunch of Boobs Picket ABC

This story really sucks:

Nearly 150 angry breastfeeding moms staged a "nurse-in" yesterday outside ABC's Manhattan studios . Why? They're protesting anti-breastfeeding comments made by Barbara Walters on unwatchable talk show The View.

Walters said she felt awkward sitting next to a woman who was breast-feeding on an airplane. Moronic co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is nursing her daughter, Grace, said she was "uncomfortable breast-feeding in general."

The mass of massive-mammaried milkmaids think the on-air comments will discourage new moms from breastfeeding. Hopefully, it will just discourage them from watching The View.

And really, moms: a little modesty on occasion would help. I'm all for breastfeeding- but I'm not necessarily for seeing your flabby flapjack stuffed into little Freddy's mouth. Unless you're Eva Longoria... then I'd politely ask you to share.

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