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Monday, June 20, 2005

The Geek Files: Foul-ups, Bleeps, and Blunders

After hours of scientific research* I've come to the conclusion that there is but one "Funniest TV Blooper." Here's how it happened...

It started with some vodka... Oh wait. That's not the important part. Here are the criteria:

1. The screw up should be something all age groups can enjoy. Yes, in-jokes with adult humor are great - especially when you can laugh at it and make up a reason why it's so funny to your clueless kids - but wouldn't it be that much more special to laugh WITH them? (Shut up - just go with me on this one.) Unfortunately, this eliminates one of my all time favorites - a classic X-Files outtake in which Scully goes down on Mulder in an elevator. Bummer.

2. The blooper has to have a celebrity. Sure, strangers can be funny but in terms of mass appeal the more people who recognize the participants, the better. For this reason, game show bloopers are out. So that Newlywed Game mishap with the "up the ass" comment is no good. It is hilarious but it's not so much a TV mistake as a misunderstanding.

3. It has to be from a fictional TV show. News bloopers don't count. They suck anyway. How many times can you watch a naked person run through a reporter's stand-up or listen to a weatherman pronounce "percent" as "penis"?

The conclusion is obvious. The Carol Burnett Show is a haven for blooper perfection. The reigning champ? Tim Conway describing the Siamese elephants at the fair. When he joins his hands and makes that "farrnnnerff!" sound like a muffled elephant roar, it is simply unparalleled in this field. The man knocked Dick Van Dyke off a couch with laughter! It has to be funny. And it has to be "The Funniest TV Blooper."

*minutes of coin flips

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  • Anyone know where i can find the Siamese Elephant bit from Carol Burnett Show either just the wav or the video??? Please Help!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:59 AM  

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