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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Geek Files: An Open Letter

Dear Friends,

You know I love talking to you on the phone; especially those of you who live far away. I want to hear all about your new girlfriend or boyfriend. Tell me how much your job sucks. Let's plan a vacation together. Let's just not do it during my favorite TV shows. Please!

Every TV season there is usually one show that I absolutely cannot miss. For nine years it was The X-Files. You, my friends, knew this. Yet you continued to call me between 9pm and 10pm every Sunday night. (Friday nights in the early years.) When that was over you should have kept calling me then. Instead you switched to Thursday nights at 9pm. Was it because you knew I'd be home? I only have a cell phone, people. Call me at any other time and I can answer. Just not during C.S.I.!

I'm going to make a prediction for next season. My phone will ring every Tuesday night between 8pm and 9pm. I plan on becoming quite obsessed with N.C.I.S. The show (literally) had a killer ending that shocked me and I can't wait to find out what happens. So, naturally, all of you will call at that time.

Why don't I just not pick up the phone, you ask? Well... I don't want to be RUDE.

Thanks guys.


P.S. - If it can be helped, don't call when the Mets are playing either. Love ya!

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