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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Is Your Hurley Fatsuit Ready For The Convention?

Look out, Trekkies: there's a new band of obsessed fans in town.

Lost fans are organizing- and have held at least one convention to celebrate the show so far. Nearly 800 devoted fans coughed up nearly $200 each in Burbank last weekend for the opportunity meet some of the show's stars, writers and producers.

The event was organized by a company that knows how to cash in on the passions of fanboy geeks: they also run fan gatherings for shows like Xena and Star Trek.

Some secrets for season two were also revealed:

* The rear section of the plane will be found, along with additional survivors.
* The characters will finally find out what's inside the hatch.
* The people in the finale who kidnapped Walt were indeed the "others" on the island.
* The airliner did not crash by accident.

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