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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sportztyme! Touch 'Em All

As a Yankee fan, there hasn't been much of a reason to watch Baseball Tonight on ESPN lately. Oh sure, I'll check on all my fantasy guys... but each highlight show and SportsCenter rerun is easier to sit through knowing somewhere in that mess, you can see your favorite team actually win a game.

So, whilst the Yanks actually build a seemingly insurmountable lead for once, I flip one of the two TVs in my office around to ESPN. BBTN is nowhere to be found... but I am greeted with the 10th inning of the college softball championship game.

So I asked myself: "Self" I said. And I answered, which was the really weird part. I wanted to know how in the hell this backyard, beer-blast, family reunion game wound up on the worldwide leader in sports television? It was a typical 1-1 game...with maybe 1 ball hit out of the infield and more errors than a local 6pm newscast.

Then I started to wonder if any of these "girls" (come on, some are really questionable) were on any of my fantasy team. Rest assured, that's the only fantasy you might have with some of these chicks. I wondered how Betty Bigboobs, the endowed catcher from State U. managed to slip past my pre-draft research. And as I write this... she launches one over the fence in left-field for a seemingly game and championship winning 3 run homer. I guess the joke's on me.

I'm all for giving these sports their moment in the sun... and I understand that since the NHL has decided they might actually play a game and start mattering to someone on this planet again... ESPN has to fill time where they can. But come on... while she hit that shot... Robinson Cano hit a two run homer for the Yanks and my 3-Base Errors- the best little fantasy team you've ever seen. Except they are in seventh place. Can I get a replay, anyone?

Uncle Buster writes Sportztyme! every Thursday, while waiting for Betty Bigboobs to return his fourteen phone calls. She never does.

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