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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Executives Show Danza Who's the Boss

After determining they had their answer to the question "What could be worse than a talk show starring Wayne Brady?" dissatisfied executives have hailed a taxi for several staffers for underperforming daytime filler The Tony Danza Show.

Among myriad backstage changes, sidekick Ereka Vetrini, whose role was minimized earlier this year, has gotten the chop. Executive producer John Redmann and supervising producer Shane Farley will also not be back for the on-serious-freaking-thin-ice second season.

Danza, who's said to be furious about the firings, will presumably still return for another accident-prone season filled with awkward interviews, amateurish tap-dancing and near-fatal head injuries, unless he finally gets that offer to make She's Out Of Control 2.

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