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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

News Nuggets

National Geographic Channel and Fox Networks Group will launch their HD network early next year. They estimate 90% of their primetime schedule will be in hi-definition…. The ratings for Bravo’s new reality series, Situation: Comedy doesn’t have execs laughing: the show debuted with just 217,000 viewers. Perhaps a time slot switch will help: it’s being moved to Fridays at 7p, effective immediately…. FX’s new comedies, Starved and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, kinda tanked in their debuts last Thursday, reaching about a million and a half viewers each. That’s a million less than its last scripted comedy, Lucky, premiered to- and that show ended up lasting just one season.

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  • That was 216,000 more people than saw the last video that I was in, my wedding.

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