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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

99 Word Review: Invasion

It's X-Files meets Body Snatchers as ABC's post-Lost timeslot recipient. The premise: during a hurricane in a Florida town, "something" (aliens?) descends into the swampy water, biting and turning peeps into pseudo-zombies. Centering around a stepfamily including a sheriff (who's been abducted!) and a conspiracy theorist (who's skeptical!), the show is light years away from fulfilling its creepy potential. But that potential does exist- and the huge lead-in from that other strangely eerie show before it, along with spotty timeslot competition CSI: NY (weak) and Law & Order (old), should allow Invasion the chance to live long and prosper.

TVGS review: 2.5 test patterns (out of four)

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